This year, we will be having an Easter Extravaganza Lite. A “To-Go” box filled with corned beef hash, fried rice, sausages, and a small box of baked goods will be available for you for pick up at L.A Holiness starting at 2:00pm on Saturday April 3rd. We will be making a considerable amount of food. The goal is to bless as many people as possible. If you would like to take additional boxes to bless people, please feel free to request more boxes of food. (See the link below.) If you are unable to drive into L.A Holiness but would like a box, we will arrange for a delivery. We are also recruiting volunteers to transport some of the to-go boxes to individuals. If you’d like to make a breakfast item (muffins, banana bread, biscuits, scones, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, etc.) you can bring them to church on Saturday, April 3 at 11am. Arrangements can be made for someone to pick it up from you if needed.
You can see all of these options and sign up at .
Please respond by Sunday, March 28th