Join us as we celebrate God’s 100 years of love and faithfulness to our church family for the month of May.  We will be inviting former pastors from our church, like Rev. George Toda, Rev. Wayne Ibara, and Rev. Lester Yamashita to share with us some of their fond memories of LA Holiness and lessons they have learned.  We have also invited our conference historian, Rev. Tsukasa Sugimura, to share with us his discovery of what is holiness.  Join us at 10 am on youtube at:

100 year anniversary speaker schedule:
1. 4/25/2021: Rev. Rick Chuman
2. 5/2/2021: Rev. Tsukasa Sugimura
3. 5/9/2021: Rev. Wayne Ibara
4. 5/16/2021: Rev. George Toda
4. 5/23/2021: Rev. Michael Furuyama
5. 5/30/2021: Rev. LesterYamashita