Los Angeles Holiness Church
Senior Pastor (English Congregation) Job Description
The Los Angeles Holiness Church (LAHC) is rooted in God’s Word, prayer and the fervent pursuit of God through worship and service. This foundation is the core of the ministries, activities and worship at LAHC and because of God’s faithfulness, it is our legacy. We seek a Senior Pastor who will share these values and shepherd the congregation in our pursuit of God.
As the spiritual leader of the church and God’s shepherd, the Senior Pastor will be fully committed to: Jesus Christ as Lord, spiritual growth, study of God’s Word, and spending time in prayer. The Senior Pastor will lead the church in worship, in the visioning and strategic planning process, as well as in administrative matters, all the while embracing and honoring our history and heritage of LAHC.
The specific duties and responsibilities include the following:
  • Provide the overall spiritual leadership of the church
  • Promote and communicate the church Values, Mission, and Vision
  • Communicate, support and collaborate with ministry leaders to ensure all ministries are aligned within the church Values, Mission and Vision
  • Oversee that all of the ministries of the church are doctrinally and strategically sound
  • Be attuned to the needs of the congregation and work with church leadership to support the development of new ministries where needed
  • Support, encourage, challenge and equip the leaders of the various ministries
  • Support the staff, lay ministry leaders, and Board of Deacons to oversee the implementation of any new ministries and evaluation of existing ministries
  • In collaboration with the Pastor of the Japanese congregation, promote fellowship and cooperation between the two congregations of LAHC
  • Promote fellowship and cooperation with The Church of Christ In the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Establish and foster caring and loving relationships with all segments of our diverse congregation
  • Lead the congregation in the worship services by fostering a focus on God through the various components (sermon, music ministry, fellowship, etc.)
  • Teach Biblical tenets through sermons, as well as Bible studies and interactions with church members
  • Nurture and disciple future ministry leaders/pastors
  • Provide for the care of the congregation, including:
    • Quickly respond to crisis situations with congregational members and make appropriate referrals where needed
    • Visit with church members having special needs (i.e., illness, bereavement, marital issues)
    • Follow up with visitors, infrequent attendees, and new members
    • Provide counseling (i.e., premarital, marital, grief) 
  • Officiate weddings
  • Conduct memorial services
  • Perform baptisms, communions and baby dedications
  • Conduct new member classes
  • Oversee or develop evangelism opportunities
  • Supervise church staff members
    • Establish annual objectives for each staff member
    • Encourage church staff by establishing an individual development plan for each
    • Build a sense of teamwork
  • Hold regular staff meetings to coordinate activities and facilitate communication
  • Attend and participate in scheduled meetings (i.e., Board of Deacons, Annual Business Meeting)
  • Meet regularly with the Pastoral Relation/Support Committee
  • Serve the OMS Holiness Conference through participation in committees, programs, retreats, and fellowships
  • Work with the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees to:
    • Ensure legal and ethical corporate governance of the church
    • Responsibly manage church assets (i.e., financial, property, facilities)
    • Collaborate to direct the financial planning and budgeting process
  • Must be flexible in work hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Should be in the office a sufficient amount of time for accessibility to the congregation and church staff
Other tasks as agreed upon by the Pastor and the Board of Deacons
  • Seminary degree or equivalent
  • 7 years of full-time ministry/church planting experience
Applicants may download the LAHC Pastoral Candidate Package and send completed application to lahc-psc@googlegroups.com